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Soundscapes Wellbeing Project

listening to the sounds of nature

The Soundscapes Wellbeing Project is a collaboration between Exeter University and the BBC.

For many of us getting out into the countryside is not an option at the moment. Living in urban areas can mean the sounds of nature are difficult to hear sometimes. Can listening to the sounds of nature digitally really improve our sense of wellbeing?

Several years ago I sat quietly whilst my daughter revised for her A Levels. She had on a background soundscape of the rainforest. It was soothing and absorbing and as we sat together each completing our own tasks, so I could feel myself calming down. I then listened to soundscapes of rain falling and birds singing, all had the same effect. Therefore it makes sense, to suggest to us all during lockdown, that we might be able to feel better by listening to the sounds of nature in our own homes.

The Soundscapes Wellbeing Project is asking us to join in with testing this theory via a project being run out of Exeter University in collaboration with the BBC. If I had children home schooling now, I would certainly consider a back ground of nature sounds. There are lots to choose from if you pop over to You Tube. Here is one with just birdsong in a bluebell wood, good if like me you are trying to learn to identify birds by their song.

Here is the link to the Soundscapes Wellbeing Project.