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Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

Plant a tree for the Jubilee2

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee.

‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’ is an initiative to mark Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee, when we will be celebrating her 70 years on the throne. Schools, individuals, companies and anyone who wants to join in can plant a tree and highlight Britain’s ancient woodlands and trees. Groups and individuals will be able to apply for 3 million free saplings from the Woodland Trust as part of the project.

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Ancient woodlands are irreplacable

The Queen’s Green Canopy Scheme.

The Queen’s Green Canopy Scheme has been launched to encourage people to plant trees from the start of the tree-planting season in October 2021 through to the end of 2022. This will create a lasting legacy to honour the truly incredible reign of our much loved monarch.

However the scheme is about much more than just planting a tree. It will also highlight 70 of our ancient woodlands and 70 of our ancient trees, irreplaceable parts of our heritage.

Furthermore the scheme will establish a pilot training programme for young people aged 16 – 24 to plant and manage trees. This initiative will be run by Capel Manor College in London, a specialist environmental college. Any donations to the scheme will be used in deprived areas and urban schools as part of the ‘Trees for Cities’ initiative.

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Woodlands are important for our wellbeing

A year of pandemic.

The year we have all experienced has for many of us, highlighted the importance of our natural world. The central role of woodlands has been at the heart of this. All of us have encouraged to step out and enjoy our natural heritage. Children have discovered the fun of playing in woodland and the sense of freedom it brings. Slowing down our lives has made us better at observing that which we did not see before. Falling in love with our local open spaces and trees has shown us how important they are to us. In a time of climate crisis we know the importance of trees not just in the UK but around the world. Plant a Tree for the Jubilee is one way for us to get involved.


Grow a tree from seed.

Growing a tree from a seed is not very difficult, you just need to get the seed collection and the recipe right. See our post on growing oak trees from seed. Thankfully the hard work has been done by the ‘The Conservation Volunteers’, a brilliant group who produce really useful guidance for all sorts of things. Find out more about how to grow trees from seeds.  

Also find out which trees to plant and where. Look around you at the trees that are already well established in your neighbourhood. These are the ones that will thrive.