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Walking Watch

There is a meditative rhythm in walking, especially walking alone. That steady placing one foot in front of the other, of progress and process. There is the mad and hectic pace of walking the dog, the dog for whom every well trodden walk is a new adventure and then the walk filled with the fun of shared conversations, of unburdening and then there is the walk of slow observation and wonder, like being a child discovering the natural world for the first time. Join us on some of our walks of discovery and contact us via social media with your own inspirational walking experiences and we will share them. Use the tag #honeybeebarn @honeybeebookbox


Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon

What is the Wolf Moon? The first full moon of 2021 will be visible tonight and it is known as the ‘Wolf Moon’. The moon, the first of the twelve…

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Study the animal tracks, trails and signs for detail

Animal Tracks Trails and Signs

Walk out to check out animal tracks, trails and signs. Advent Calendar 7 How can you turn a family walk in Winter into an exploratory adventure? Get everyone looking for…

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Ramblers lost footpaths

Lost Footpaths the Ramblers Project

Lost Footpaths, the Ramblers Project. The cry ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’, apt that when it comes to re-discovering Britain’s lost footpaths. The Ramblers group of Britain…

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A Great Oak Tree John Constable

A Great Oak Tree by John Constable. In 1801 John Constable drew a chalk image of an oak tree. This drawing gives me inspiration because it is an outdoor sketch.…

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Walking in the rain

Walking in the Rain. Why it is so good for us.

Why it’s good to walk in the rain. Walking in the rain is one of life’s positive activities. For every hot and sun drenched walk in the baking days of…

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Drove road

Drove Roads Part of British Heritage

Heritage in the landscape. Drove roads are ancient highways that carve through the British landscape. The heritage of Britain rests as much with the landscape as it does with the…

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In the detail…

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