Stories from the Barn

A hive of activity in the Hampshire downlands

Stories from the Barn is all about the heart and soul of our British Natural History, Art, Landscape, Literature and Country ways.

Sharing with you, discovering and reconnecting together with our British natural history, landscape heritage, art and literature that we have been privileged to explore and learn about over this past year and on through the continuing challenges of 2020.  From our rural hive, tucked into the folds of Hampshire Down land, we have used this time to walk out into our beautiful countryside to slow down and take time to observe, discover and learn more about the natural world and landscape around us. It has been a very positive and healing experience and one we hope you too will enjoy.

Growing Wild Flowers from Seed

Growing wildflowers from seed. No matter how small your own patch of green earth is there is always space for a patch of wildflowers and grasses. The benefits of growing…

The apple tree

The Apple Tree

The Importance of the Apple Tree. As we creep towards the shorter darker days of the year and the festival of Halloween, it is a good time to reflect upon…