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The inspiration that is our landscape, moves many of us. The wonder and awe with a sharp intake of breath when you see a stunning vista, the golden sunning bathing at it's leisure, or a storm moving across the horizon at a quickening pace, the shape of the land changing with the light, trees, animals, all life playing out their connected roles. So many of our greatest writers, poets and artists have been so affected by this wonderful landscape of ours that their work reaches down through time to engage us over and over again. Share your favourite natural history writers and artists via social media using #honeybeebarn @honeybeebookboxes

'Everything gives forth a sound of life. The twittering of swallows from above, the song of greenfinches in the trees, the rustle of hawthorn sprays moving under the weight of tiny creatures, the buzz upon the breeze, the very flutter of the butterflies wings.....'

Richard Jefferies - 'The Life of June'

Olive Green

The Colour Olive Green

Olive Green, one of the most elusive of all the greens. The colour olive green always seems to be the colour of the trees in the distance but close up,…

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Through The Woods by H.E Bates

Through The Woods by H.E Bates Through the Woods by H.E Bates. When he was a child the writer Herbert Bates wanted to be a painter. He describes the paintings…

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A Nature Journal – Drawing Inspiration From Nature

My first nature journal. I have wanted to keep a nature journal for a number of years but lacked confidence in drawing skills to have a go. There are some…

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The Biodiversity Heritage Library

Discovering the Biodiversity Heritage Library. The amazing Biodiversity Heritage Library is one of the most astonishing resources for those with an interest in biodiversity. It is an open access digital…

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A Walking Artist Hamish Fulton

I have never heard of a walking artist until I saw the artwork of Hamish Fulton. As soon as I saw the work of Hamish Fulton and read what had…

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Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie

Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie

‘Surfacing’ by Kathleen Jamie. Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie Published by Sort of Books ISBN 97811908745828 When my son said ‘mum, you’ve got to read this book, it’s amazing’, I bought…

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Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush, the song bird of Winter. Advent Day 13 The Mistle Thrush accompanies us through the Winter days and its scratchy tuneful song can be heard high up…

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Icicles and Frosts Winter’s Jewels

The magic of icicles and frosts, sparkling jewels of Winter. Advent Calendar 11 Waking up to a sunny Winter morning sparkling with icicles and frost are nature’s gifts to us…

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Beauty in snowflakes

How do Snowflakes form?

The snowflake is a uniquely beautiful structure created from water. How do snowflakes form? Compare one snowflake with another. No two snowflakes are identical yet all snowflakes are created from…

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Music and Landscape

Music and Landscape, the Composers and Motivation.

The heritage of music and landscape. Music and landscape both have the capacity to move us to tears. Walk alone in Spring across open fields when the sky larks are…

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